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Allstate Electric Co., Inc. provides tenant fit-ups for commercial, industrial and office space.  We work with the owners and tenants to ensure that the space is both functional and efficient.  We will work with you on the lay out of the space, in order to optimize the efficiency of daily operations. 

As the owner of a commercial complex you will want to ensure that the tenants needs are met while your property is handled with the expertise that the Allstate Electric Co., Inc. can provide. From power and control wiring of manufacturing and commercial equipment, wiring of modular work station, receptacle outlets, phone/data/network wiring, lighting and CCTV to name a few, we will work with you and your tenant in a timely and efficient manner so that the business will be up and running in no time.

Offering tenant fit-ups is appealing to incoming tenants.  As the owner of the property, you will want to ensure that professional and experienced electricians work on your property. Your commercial location will be much more appealing to your possible tenants, since you will be able to offer these business owners an efficient and functional move in ready location, optimizing your property value and rental potential.  The professional electricians at Allstate Electric Co., Inc. will ensure that your property and tenants are handled with great care.

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