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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis - Allstate Electric Co., Inc.

Allstate Electric Co., Inc.  Is located in Woburn, MA. and provides Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to businesses in Massachusetts and New England. We will provide you with a turnkey Arc Flash Hazard Analysis for your commercial or industrial facility.

What's involved in an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis?

We survey your facility’s electrical system, beginning at the electrical utility, then the electrical service, the main distribution system(s), all panel boards, all disconnect switches, motors of 30 horsepower and larger, onsite generators, the wiring and all systems covered under NFPA 70E. We produce accurate one-line drawings of the electrical system (the electrical backbone of your system) then:

  • We calculate the maximum possible fault currents throughout the system.
  • We identify the locations where arc faults are possible. 
  • We determine real-world solutions to reduce arc flash and arc flash hazards.
  • We provide and produce the mandatory ANSI labeling with the hazards and we permanently attach them to your equipment.
  • We produce a complete report that includes the Short Circuit Study, the Coordination Study, hard copies and soft copies of all the work and we produce CAD one-line drawings of your system.

In Addition:

  • We thoroughly review the findings with you.
  • We explain everything the report contains so you fully understand the results. 
  • And your report is written non-technical language, so you can maximize your use of this information.

What is an Arc Flash?
An Arc Flash is any event in your electrical system that generates an unwanted and unexpected release of energy. This Arc Flash will cause significant damage to your equipment and severely injure your employees.

Arc Flash hazard analysis:
The Bureau of Labor Statics tells us that more than 2,000 people each year are injured in Arc Flash accidents. This means that every one of these persons was admitted to the hospital for at least 24 hours with serious burns.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has mandated; with few exceptions that all employers perform an Arc Flash hazard analysis of their electrical system.

Direct and indirect benefits of Arc Flash Hazard Analysis:

  • Compliance with NFPA 70E standards
  • Greatly increased safety for your personnel
  • Greatly increased electrical system reliability 
  • Workman’s compensation costs kept in check
  • Reduced liability and lost production
  • Improvement of a company’s image as a good corporate citizen

Mandated by the National Fire Protection Association:
NFPA (70E) requires that employers quantify the exposure of employees to Arc Flash. And that the labels specify the values of hazard, shock hazard, the boundaries required and the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) a worker must wear.

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